Thursday, June 4, 2020

Moving Forward in the Pandemic Situation

Life in a pandemic situation is not fun. However, like it or not, we have to live it, we have to enjoy it.

Complaining the situation is not wise at all. The best attitude to face this era is to accept this situation through some activities which is benefit for survival mode in difficult situation.

Since the beginning, God created humans with various advantages, both mind, physical, and soul. It's like a "package" that must be optimized in order to survive in a world that we don't know all of the matters. So many unknown, isn't?

Involving in knowledge sharing with friends is a solution to keep our habits like face to face interaction culture. We can use social media and various platforms to tell stories to friends, increase capacities, and make ourselves happy as homo socius.

What did I do during the pandemic?

I am happy to be a speaker at various forums. At least, there were dozens of activities that I did as a speaker such as writing workshop, motivation session, book review, until as a speaker for opening remarks with the Australian ambassador.

Somehow I often feel happy when sharing. It became my habit that has long been embedded--from my young period of age. There is a bad feeling if i don't share a couple of experiences with others. My happiness is there.

Also, in this pandemic i was built a new community namely Rumah Produktif Indonesia, "a house for indonesian to involve in productivity sphere"which in three months has carried out dozens of online activities. Discussions about the impact of George Floyd's death, for example, were also attended by a number of U.S. Embassy staff in Jakarta.

The members also look very enthusiastic. They showed a high enthusiasm to move forward, work together, and contribute to advancing Indonesia through their respective fields. I imagine in the next 50 or 100 years this "community of opportunity" can contribute so many positive impacts to the nation and the global world.

Living in a time of crisis is indeed not easy, but we must pass it with the strength of the soul, physical, and strategy.

Stay save and keep healthy. 
Keep productive and stay happy.
YANUARDI SYUKUR, President of Rumah Produktif Indonesia, Assistant Professor at Department of Anthropology Universitas Khairun, Ternate and PhD candidate at Department of Antropologi UI.

Photo: @Sydney, 2015

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